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Drawing with Pencil to Prismacolor
Dana B. Thompson
Suggested Materials:

Graphite Pencils: #7H, #5H, #3H, #HB, #2B, #4B, #6B, #8B
Graphite pencils can also be purchased individually or in sets.

Charcoal: Dark Compressed Charcoal and a stick of Vine CharcoalConté Crayon: One stick each: Black, Sanguin and White.
Conté can be found in sticks or, like pencils, with wooden casings. They are sold individually or in sets as well.

About Colored Pencils:
I recommend Berol Prismacolor for its excellent lay-down, superior hue saturation and soft thick leads. However, I also find Berol Verithins useful in some circumstances. Verithins have a weak hue saturation, but are thin and hard so more precise. If I had to choose, I'd get the Prismacolors and just a couple Verithins. You can purchase the full sets if you want, but Prismacolors can also be purchased individually...If you purchase your pencils individually, make sure the lead is directly in the center of the wooden casing You might also want a box for transporting and a couple of jars to place the pencils in while you work.
Suggested Colors:
Blues: Indigo Blue, True Blue, Non-Photo Blue, Copenhagen Blue
Greens: Peacock Green, Grass Green, True Green, Olive Green, Apple Green, Chartreuse
Yellows/Oranges: Cream, Lemon Yellow, Canary Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange
Reds: Vermillion Pale, Scarlet Red, Scarlet Lake, Crimson Red, Pink, Salmon
Violets: Light Violet, Violet, Violet Blue
Earths: Yellow Ochre, Tuscan Red, Sepia, Burnt Ochre, Terra Cotta, Chocolate, Dark Umber
Nuetrals: Slate Gray, White, Black, Cool Grey, Warm Grey
Optional: Any other color you have or would like to work with.

Smooth Bristol Drawing Pad
Any other drawing surface you'd like to experiment with...for example:
100% Rag Matte Board
Canvas or Canvas Paper, Watercolor Paper, Charcoal Paper (any color), Kraft Paper, Cardboard, Wood or Masonite (gessoed).
Different surfaces greatly affect the look of the final piece.

Erasers: One Kneaded, One Pink or White Pearl
(one that has multiple-sized holes and catches the shavings. This is optional....the school has pencil sharpeners)
Krylon Workable Fixative
Masking Tape

Tracing Paper (for protecting your work and other uses)
Ruler or Straight Edge
Colorless Blending Pencil and/or Marker
X-acto Knife and Blades
Pencil Extenders
(optional...these are wooden shafts with ferrules and sliding rings to firmly hold short pencil stubs before you have to throw the stub away)Drawing Board:
I have a few, but if you have your own, you can transport your drawings back and forth more easily.

Any questions please call me. 540-338-5386 or e-mail me at

Recommended suppliers:
Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby (all local, but may not have all items)

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